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Oct 02

The best October’s activities for Miami Shores residents!

In Miami Shores Village, October comes with a long list of activities, for the neighborhood's residents of all ages, and even for the four-legged ones! Buying a house in Miami Shores is not only about getting a luxury property in a safe residential neighborhood but also about being part of a community full of activities and events. Miami Shores' October activities for the grown-ups: Pumpkin Carving Contest: Expose all your creativity and carving skills, snap a picture of the result, and…...

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Sep 06

Embrace technology with the virtual programs for Miami Shores Residents

July comes with a long list of events for everyone in the Miami Shores neighborhood. The Village has organized different library events for everyone in the family! Read more and discover what are the interesting virtual programs organized by the Brockway Memorial Library of Miami Shores. For the youngest ones, there are some children virtual programs that include an Independence Day Virtual Puppet sow on July 4th, a virtual summer library reading program presented on the Miami Shores Village Official Government…...

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Sep 02

Summer camps are open for registrations for Miami Shores residents

Miami Shores neighborhood is not just a place to live, but when buying a house here, you will be part of a community full of activities for you and your family. This time, the Miami Shores Village has the pleasure to inform the neighborhood's residents that children Summer camps are open for registration. All Miami Shores campers will need to follow a strict COVID-19 protocol to assure community safeness. Some of the procedures that will be followed by all campers include…...

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Aug 25

MUST KNOW: Flood information for Miami Shores house owners

The hurricane season is reaching its peak, and being aware of the flooding insurance requirements is nothing but essential for Miami Shores residents in order to protect not just your loved ones, but also your house. 40% of the land in Miami Shores is sitting on a flooding risk area, especially for those luxury houses located east of Biscayne Blvd. One of the most important tips to get through this hurricane season is to be updated on all the news and…...

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Aug 18

Best virtual activities for Miami Shores residents

Miami Shores library is always coming up with new virtual activities to entertain all the neighborhood's residents, and this time it comes with great activities for all ages! If your little ones are getting bored at home, Miami Shores library is here to help. Activities include a virtual puppet theater presenting "The Lion and the Mouse" on August 5th at 4 pm, the virtual summer reading program showcased every day at 2 pm, and the virtual village kid's book club via…...

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Jun 12

Real estate Q1 2020 report for Miami Shores

Afte the COVID-19 hit the U.S. we have all been wondering how would the real estate market be affected. As the restrictions start to be lifted, the market starts to show some interesting stats that clearly are not as negative as most of us thought they will. The Miami Shores real estate market hasn't shown a negative impact on property sale price. The median sale price in the first quarter of 2020 was $480,000, which was 4.35% higher than in the…...

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May 14

Miami Shores Village Search Results Web results Our wew Website has been Launched!

Miami Shores Village invites all its residents and visitors to explore the recently launched Miami Shores Villa site. After several requests to get a more modern and easy-to-use website, the Village of Miami Shores decided to ensure the site functionality and create a more visually appealing design. The Miami Shores Technology Manager, Elizabeth Kelley, was the project manager of this new site with simpler navigation and easy access to the most usable features, including Board Minutes, Permits, Online payments, Forms, Agendas…...

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Sep 04

Who is who in Miami Shores Village?

As a member of our Miami Shores community, I thought it was important to get to know each other a little more. This week I decided to create this article to get to know more about the Miami Shores Village officer’s contact information. First of all some basic information. If you want to know any general information about Miami Shore Village you can access the neighborhood website – –. If you prefer to be transferred to customer service you should…...

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